Work in progress survival horror game, built from this prototype
Original concept and prototype created with David Blackman for Bacon Game Jam #5

Although a lot of work has gone into this since the original version, it is still very much a work-in-progress. There is only one level at the moment, and the only goal is to get through the locked door near the top of the map.


WASD keys
Move Character
Flips switches, opens or closes doors
Pick up items, or drop item currently being carried. You may only carry one item at a time!
E key
Use item. Most items that you can hold will have some use.

Hints / Notes

  • There are two monsters in this level. Monsters will run directly at you when they can see you. They are faster than you, and will kill you relatively quickly. The only defense you have is light. These monsters will not move at all when standing in light. Use lights in the environment and your lantern to control the monsters' positions.
  • Lantern fuel is limited! While your lantern is on, you will see the energy bar in the lower left corner drain. When it is empty, the light will start to fade out! Turn the lantern off when you know you don't need it.
  • In order to use any other item in the game, you will have to set down your lantern.
  • There are a number of situations you can get into where the level becomes 'unwinnable'. For example, if you let your lantern run out too soon, or you burn off all of the generator's fuel without doing anything useful. If you get stuck, or if you die, just refresh your browser window! (because I can't be bothered to put a 'reset' button in the game!)