Forces, Coiled Again!

48 hour Reddit Game Jam. Theme: Energy.

How to Play

This is mostly a sandbox game - a slightly interactive play on Conway's Game of Life. Click on the different nodes to manipulate the game board, and see the results. Different nodes allow you to manipulate the board in different ways.

Freezes a small area of the game board, allowing you to toggle the individual cells on or off. Click the node again to unfreeze.
Adds a 'spaceship' configuration to the board that moves in a straight line away from the node that created it.
Draws a single straight line across the board, which propagates outwards and fills the entire board.
Turtle / Triangle
There are two nodes that create static, or 'still life' configurations on the board. One looks like a turtle, one looks like a triangle.
Click to activate the node, then click anywhere on the board to place a configuration that will explode outward and disappear after a few turns.
Turns off any 'super-charged' cells on the board
Reverts any 'burnt-out' cells back into 'super-charged' cells.
Sandbox Edit Mode
Works similar to 'Draw' mode, but allows you to manipulate the entire board.

About this Project

"Forces, Coiled Again" was created in less than 48 hours from concept to completion for RedditGameJam's Energy themed competition.

Lightning effects from a plugin by Pierluigi Pesenti

All other AS3 code written by David Blackman-Mathis. Artwork by me. Concept by David and I.