Cellular Automaton 2

My second major attempt at a cellular automaton, this time with a less abstract visual representation and some more complex rules.


Grass: 0 - 1pt
Bush: 0 - 3pt
Tree: 0 - 5pt
Rabbit: 0 - 10pt
Sheep: 0 - 30pt
Llama: 0 - 50pt
Fox: 0 - 100pt
Wolf: 0 - 300pt
Bear: 0 - 500pt

How it works

The general concept of the game is that there are three categories of tiles: plants, plant-eaters, and predators. Each category has three different sizes, and each size can have varying populations for a given tile. Each type of tile has certain requirements for survival, and rules about how it can reproduce and spread.

Use the controls at the left to select the different tile types and play around!


I finally got around to drawing some proper graphics. They still need some tweaking, but they are a heck of a lot better than what they were. Additionally, I’ve added a simple scoring system. So, see how high of a score you can get! Score is non-cumulative - it represents only the current state of the board, so be careful!