An unfinished game concept for Ludem Dare.

The Game Jam

I worked with my friend David on this concept for the Ludem Dare #23 game jam. The theme of the jam was evolution, so naturally we decided to make a game about robots. Robots that reproduce and evolve. Sexy murder robots. Ahem…

The concept was a tower-defense style game, in which wave after wave of robots would spawn and attack certain points on the map. You would defened those points with a variety of traps. The choices you made in choosing traps would then impact development of future waves of robots. Although we weren’t able to get together a playable game, it was still a fun weekend and cool concept.


When David and I work together, I usually assume the role of artist. Over the course of the weekend, I spent many an hour drawing various robot body parts. Here are some of the highlights.

Concept Sketches

Original concept sketch

Chassis evolution branching

Art Assets

Exploded robot

Complete robot sample

Flame turret concept

Promotional Image

Promo image demonstrating some of the gameplay concepts.

Putting it together

Eventually the game made its way into an HTML prototype. The robots were going to be built in HTML, so that we could update their graphics and animate them with css classes. It worked, but setting up the css for each part facing each direction was very time consuming, so only a handful of parts got implemented.

<div class="robot">
    <div class="base base-legs">
        <div class="chassis chassis-wedge">
            <div class="weapon-slot weapon-slot-1 weapon-slot-side-back filled">
                <div class="weapon weapon-axe"></div>
                <div class="weapon-slot-graphic"></div>
            <div class="chassis-graphic"></div>
            <div class="weapon-slot weapon-slot-2 weapon-slot-side-front filled">
                <div class="weapon-slot-graphic"></div>
                <div class="weapon weapon-spike"></div>

Sample HTML robot

The Prototype

While I was playing around in Photoshop, David was hard at work writing the pathfinding and logic for the game. In the prototype, there are multiple robot “spawn” points, some walls, and a few cubes that the robots will move towards. You can place three different types of block, and the robot’s pathfinding will update.