Game of Life, Evolved!

Otherwise known as my failed js1k entry
Once again I’ve implemented a version of Conway’s Game of Life in JavaScript. This time, its in just under *1k and with dynamic rules! Neato!

I intended to enter this into the latest js1k competition, b but just missed the deadline. Oh well, it’s still kind of neat. The unique aspect of this implementation of the game is that the rules change over time. Each living cell has its own local set of rules that define the conditions under which it can survive, and those change slightly every turn based on the current conditions. Those rules are also passed down to newly created cells. The result is (in my opinion) a more visually interesting game board.

For those familiar with the patterns of a typical Game of Life, the more obvious differences to look for are in oscillators and gliders. Normally, these patterns would continue until interrupted by other cells. With the ‘evolving’ rules, these patterns will almost always spontaneously change after repeating for a while.

As always, if you want to know more, go read Wikipedia! Conway’ Game of Life.

* This page doesn't actually use the compacted version. But it totally does crunch down to under 1k. Promise.