Midsummer Jam Week 2013 - theme Growth
Almost a tower-defense game!

You are the spirit of the forest. Use your sweet forest-spirit powers to keep the mountain forest thriving! Villagers will come up the mountain to harvest your trees! If the villagers completely harvest the golden forest on top of the mountain, it's game over!


Mouse Click
Click and hold above land to make trees grow. Growing trees requires energy, which is provided by trees regularly.
Shift + Click
Pay 500 energy to convert a green forest into a high-yield white forest. These forests are harder to grow and defend, but give more energy. Place these near the edges of the screen to keep them safer!

Planned Features

The Village
See the villagers build and grow their village as they gather resources from your forest.
Scare away aggressive humans by summoning a forest guardian. These massive creatures will keep the humans away from an area, but their presence will make the humans more aggressive overall. Use with caution!
Alter the landscape to control the path villagers take up the mountain. Rivers, rocks, ravines, and more!
Particles, sound effects, UI, game balance… all the stuff to make this a proper game. I'm definitely going to put some more time into this one :)
Touch Support
Adding support for phones/tablets. This one is actually pretty close.