Ludum Dare #28 Entry

A western-themed dueling game.

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A western pistol-duel game. You only get one shot and one life. Click anywhere to draw your pistol, and again to fire.

The red bars that appear in front of your opponent represent your chance to hit. As they converge, your accuracy goes up. Accuracy builds slowly from the start of a duel, and speeds up once you have drawn your pistol. Certain actions (drawing your pistol & taking a shot) will cause your opponent to 'flinch', causing them to lose accuracy. Accuracy built up prior to drawing is not effected, so there is some strategic value to delaying your draw.

With each successful win, you and your opponents gain small stat improvements. Additionally, there are eight 'achievements' that will give additional bonuses. Achievements are shown at the end of the round and are marked with a '*'.

In addition to the 8 achievements, there is an alternate character costume you can unlock with a high enough score.

The game should work in most browsers and supports touchscreen devices as well. The only issue I've seen is in Chrome, which renders everything blurry.