Simple platformer, originally built for Ludum Dare #26
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Swatch is a work-in-progress. I have made several large improvements over the original ludum dare entry, but there is still a lot of work to be done! Let me know what you think!

Game opens in a pop-up window, because I was getting performance issues with the game when the window is too big. You may need to allow popups for this site for it to work.

Thanks to everyone who voted! Swatch ranked #89 in overall, #11 in innovation, and #15 in theme for the game jam (out of 736 game jam entries).

Your character will pass through walls that match his color. You can change colors by standing on top of a block of color and pressing [x]. Move to the edge of the screen to go to another room.


Left/Right Arrows
Down Arrow
Hold to run
Press to jump. If you jump while holding shift and crouching, you'll do a super jump.
Absorb color. You can only absorb colors you are standing on.